Medical Driving Evaluations & Assessments

The Next Street’s Driver Rehabilitation Program offers driver evaluation services to experienced drivers who have experienced changes in their medical status or have a diagnosis that may influence their driving ability. In addition to comprehensive clinical assessments for those with medical conditions, The Next Street offers senior driver safety evaluations to help understand your changing driving abilities. It is our goal to make this process easy and stress free and we are committed to addressing the specific needs each individual we serve.

We are proud to serve clients in CT, MA & RI.

There is no one size fits all solution so we seek to provide outstanding service and custom care for each person’s needs.

Step 1: Clinical Evaluation

Our Driving Rehab Specialists begin with a comprehensive clinical evaluation to assess our clients’ abilities to operate a vehicle without actually getting “behind the wheel”. This evaluation will take 90-120 minutes and will assess vision, cognitive function, reaction time, mobility and more. Following the evaluation, you will be provided a comprehensive report on your abilities and recommendations will be made to define the Next Step in your journey to safe mobility.

Starting at $399

Step 2: Driving Evaluation

Following successful completion of the Clinical Evaluation, our clients will get behind the wheel of our assessment vehicle for a Driving Evaluation. Our Specialists will assess and evaluate your ability to safely drive in a variety of conditions. These assessments take approximately 2-hours to complete. Following the assessment, you will be provided a comprehensive report on your abilities and your outcome recommendations will be reviewed in detail.

Starting at $399

If Needed: Driving Lessons

If your evaluation identifies concerns and finds you “close”, but in need of a little training to get you all the way there, we can offer individualized lessons. Lessons are completed in our vehicles with the modifications you need to practice with. Our therapists work diligently to get you back to driving on your own. 


Possible Diagnoses In Need of Assessments:

Spinal Cord Injury
Visual Disorders
Orthopedic Injuries
Short Stature Individuals
Parkinson’s Disease
Seizure Disorder


Payments can be made directly from the patient in cash, check or all major credit cards. We do not accept any insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, but will be happy to provide you with a Superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

We believe that this service should be accessible to all, and will be happy to work with our clients on flexible payment plans to make the program more affordable.