Driving Evaluations



Following a successful Clinical Evaluation, we will take you behind the wheel. Driving Evaluations are done in our professional training vehicles. You will sit in the driving seat while our Certified Driving Rehab Specialist sits in the dual-controlled passenger seat. We will be assessing your ability to safely drive in a variety of different conditions. The evaluations take 90-120 minutes. We will begin in a parking lot setting and test your ability to brake, accelerate and turn. We will progress onto back roads to test your speed management and defensive driving skills. From there we will move to higher speed and multi-lane roads. If we are able to progress to the highway, we will. 

Every driving evaluation is personalized and based on each patient's needs, questions and possible limitations. It is our goal to assure your safety and that of the people you will share the road with in your future behind the wheel. 

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What Do I Need to Prepare?

Please come in comfortable fitting clothes. We require close toed and close heeled shoes in order to drive. You must bring your driver's license or learner's permit with you. If you require any corrective vision lenses, please bring them with you.  Our vehicles are handicap accessible. If you utilize a wheelchair, please let our scheduler know if you'd prefer to try a van with a ramp or to do transfers into a car. Other than that, please come well rested and with an open mind. Try your best not to be nervous! Remember, we are not a government agency, we are not testing you. We are not trying to take away your license. It is our goal to work with you to find the safest future for you behind the wheel.

Recommended for evaluation:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Driver's license or learner's permit
  • Bring corrective vision lenses
  • Bring walkers, wheelchairs, or other mobility tools

Possible Outcomes

There are 4 Possible Outcomes after a Driving Evaluation:

  • Green Light! You can drive on without restriction or limitation. Following our professional evaluations, we have determined that you are safe and able to continue driving. 
  • Yellow Light - Not Yet. This means that you showed that you will be able to drive in the future, but SOMETHING isn't all the way there yet. This often comes with a recommendation for additional medical treatment, practice driving for specific needs, or simply more time. 
  • Yellow Light - Drive On, but with some restrictions. This means that you are ok to drive, but with limitations. These limitations can include: Daytime driving only, no highway driving, must stay within 10 miles of your home, or adaptive equipment is required. 
  • Red Light - Retirement. While it is certainly not our goal to retire anyone from driving, we will never sacrifice the safety and well-being of our clients or the people they could share the roads with. If we are unable to say confidently that you are safe to drive, and we do not see promise for your future behind the wheel, we will have that candid conversation with you. While this news is often difficult, we work hard to help our patients navigate their new transportation needs. 
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The cost of the Driving Evaluation is $299. Unfortunately, Driving Evaluation Services are not covered under Medical Insurance. We can accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. Payment is required before the Driving Evaluation can be completed. We do not want cost to be a barrier for people. We will work with any patient to set up payment plans that work for your budget. If for any reason, you need to return for follow up evaluations, we will work with you on price and payment of the follow up appointments. Often we can waive the fee completely, as the follow ups are brief check ins on a very specific need. 

If you are part of an insurance claim or are being covered through a State Agency or Not-For-Profit, we will work with you to submit appropriate billing and paperwork in order to have the cost covered by your outside source. 

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