Clinical Driving Evaluations



Our Driving Rehab Specialists begin with a comprehensive clinical evaluation to assess our clients’ abilities to operate a vehicle without actually getting “behind the wheel”. This evaluation will take 90-120 minutes and will assess vision, cognitive function, reaction time, mobility and more. All of our assessments are individualized based on the needs and limitations of each patient. It is our goal to assess the whole person and assure that safe operation of a motor vehicle is a possibility.

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What Do I Need to Prepare?

The clinical evaluation is very low impact. We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Please bring any corrective vision lenses you have been prescribed. Please bring any walkers, wheelchairs or other mobility tools you use. We want to assess each patient in their normal settings. Even if you feel your abilities will restrict your ability to drive, it is important that you are honest and open with us about your abilities. It is not our goal to take away your driver’s license! It is our goal to set you up for success when you do get behind the wheel, and so an accurate evaluation is a necessity.

Recommended for evaluation:

• Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
• Bring corrective vision lenses
• Bring walkers, wheelchairs, or other mobility tools

Possible Outcomes

Following the evaluation, you will be provided a comprehensive report on your abilities and recommendations will be made to define the Next Step in your journey to safe mobility. If you show that you are ready to safely get in the driver seat, we will schedule the driving assessment and move onto the vehicle. Some of our patients show that they are ALMOST ready to get behind the wheel. As some examples, we may recommend that you go to your eye doctor for updated lenses, or to go see a physical therapist to improve leg mobility. This DOES NOT mean that we are telling you that you are not going to be able to drive. It simply means that you cannot drive YET, but that the future is bright. Finally, while it is our goal to help you continue to safely drive, we will also be honest with you. If the Clinical Evaluation does not show evidence of a future behind the wheel, we will recommend retirement. If this is your path, we will work with you to help you navigate your future of transportation.




The cost of the Clinical Evaluation is $299. Unfortunately, Driving Evaluation Services are not covered under Medical Insurance. We can accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. Payment is required before the Clinical Evaluation can be completed. We do not want cost to be a barrier for people. We will work with any patient to set up payment plans that work for your budget. If you are part of an insurance claim or are being covered through a State Agency or Not-For-Profit, we will work with you to submit appropriate billing and paperwork in order to have the cost covered by your outside source.

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