Training Processes for Adaptive Equipment

The Next Street Driver Rehab Services is committed to making your journey a positive experience. The following information is for those individuals who are preparing to continue the process to resume driving, however with the use of adaptive devices. Each client will require an individualized prescription that will guide the vehicle provider with the necessary information to build your custom vehicle.

At this juncture of the journey, you should be proud of your success of demonstrating the ability to safely operate our assessment vehicle equipped with special devices specific for your needs. As discussed during the assessment, further training will be needed before you can obtain a restricted license from the state. Once you obtain a license with restrictions you are no longer allowed to drive a vehicle without the modifications recommended by your Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS).

There are two certified vendors to assist you with the purchase of an adaptive vehicle. The equipment vendor is not able to deliver an adaptive vehicle to a person unless a restricted license is presented to them at the time of final sale. For an additional fee, The Next Street Driver Rehab Services can provide you additional training sessions using our modified vehicle which is equipped with dual controls. A specially trained certified driver instructor will work with you to aster the use of the equipment recommended by the CDRS.

Process for getting to the Driver Training Unit

  • Complete the Driving Assessment with a CDRS
  • Submit signed DMV medical forms with copies of the driving assessment (clinical and driving) to the DMV Medical Qualifications Unit. This committee reviews your medical documents to determine if you are an appropriate candidate to drive with adaptive devices.
  • Once cleared by the Medical Qualification Unit, your application is forwarded to the Driver Training Program (DTP) who is part of the Department of Rehabilitation Services with the state.
  • Once your name makes it to the top of the list, an inspector with the DTP will contact you and schedule a date and time to meet you at your home for a driving lesson. There are 3 trainers in the state with dual controlled vehicles and adaptive equipment. The duration for training varies based on your ability to demonstrate the skills to drive in all conditions. You will need to manage your transfers in and out of the vehicle. There is no charge for this service.
  • For those needing an equipped van, training with the DTU is delayed until you get your modified vehicle. An instructor brake (which is removed following your training) will be added at the creation of the vehicle. The DTU staff will provide your training using your vehicle.

Historically this process can take up to 4-6 months before getting seen by a trainer. The state training services are provided at no cost to the recipients. Once cleared by the DMV a notice is sent to the driver training program informing them that you can be assessed and start training. It is important to note that the state program has limitations of equipment available if you require a wheelchair or special steering features. For those anxious to get their vehicle and back to driving, it is possible to start training with one of the specially trained licensed driving instructors of The Next Street. You will still need to be tested and licensed by the DTP who will assist you with obtaining your restricted license.

Training with The Next Street Driver Rehab Services will expedite your licensing process. Our goal is to make the process individualized, timely and motivating as you are regaining your independence.