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The Next Street is a Connecticut based company that focuses on making it easy to get your driver’s license by providing outstanding customer service. In November 2018, we brought an experienced (and the only Certified in CT) Driving Rehab Specialist to our team. Now, in addition to making it easy for new drivers to get a license, we are providing outstanding service to those in need of rehabilitative services. No matter your need, we are equipped with the friendly knowledgeable staff and the equipment modifications you need to drive safely. And in the event your evaluation doesn’t prove you are able to safely be behind the wheel, we will help develop your plan to not lose the independence that comes with a driver’s license.

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We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service. With this in mind, we have a helpful and knowledgeable service staff available from 8am to 430pm Monday through Friday. We can help you better understand the process, talk through options, schedule appointments, take payments or anything else you may need.


Driver Rehabilitation Headquarters
76 Westbury Park Rd.
Suite 300E
Watertown CT 06795

Meet Our Certified Driver Rehab Specialist: Joan Cramer

Joan Sevigny Cramer, MS, OT/L, CDRS received her Bachelor’s in Science in Occupational Therapy from Quinnipiac University and continued her education at the University of Hartford where she earned a Master’s in Science in Organizational Behavior. Joan’s career has involved work in various clinical arenas serving clients with a variety of diagnoses. Her clinical expertise includes seating and positioning and home care consultation. After assisting her mother through the process of retiring from driving, she became intrigued with the specialty of Driver Rehabilitation. Her journey to become a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist began in 2015 by attending a comprehensive seminar lead by Susan Pierce, OTR, CDRS, SCDCM. She attended additional training sessions hosted by The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED) who supports those working in this field; they establish guidelines for best practice and oversee the process for certification in this specialized field of practice.

In August 2017 Joan successfully passed the certification exam making her the only Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist in the state of Connecticut. She has recently been appointed the chair of an Ad Hoc Committee for ADED to assist with the development of training resources for those planning to take future certification exams. As the past President of the Connecticut Occupational Therapy Association, she continues to volunteer as a speaker at local conferences with a mission to heighten awareness of her peers as they guide their clients, young and old, in preparation to drive following injury/illness.

Joining the team at The Next Street will allow Joan to offer comprehensive services to those in need across the state. She is excited to learn from her associates who specialize in driver training and to broaden her involvement with young adults who wish to drive. In her free time Joan values time with her family, spoiling her 5 grandchildren and making memories with her mom. She hopes to incorporate her love for service animals in her efforts to work with clients behind the wheel.

Quotes From Clients

“I am glad I did this test.  I guess it is time that I stop driving.”

“I wasn’t sure how I would do but now I am freed from my fear of driving after the accident.”

“You made this difficult situation easy and fun…you clearly care about your patients.”

“You treated my father with true respect and we appreciate that he will now be safe and accept this challenge in life.”

“We appreciate the details you assessed since that was the selling point for mom to agree that driving is not appropriate after her stroke.”

“Having the chance to try this equipment has helped me get excited again about gaining my independence and contributing to my family more”.  (A client who had an amputation of his right leg and part of his left foot from diabetes.)