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What is Driver Rehabilitation?

Our Driver Rehabilitation Services offer a certified professional to assess your ability to drive. Based on our assessment findings, we develop a training plan to get you the equipment and license you need to drive on.

  • We help new drivers with medical challenges get their license
  • We help experienced drivers that go through a significant medical change learn to drive with their new conditions
  • We fit and prescribe adaptive driving equipment
  • We train people how to drive with adaptive equipment
  • We are an Adaptive Driving School that can work with all adaptive driving equipment needs. 
  • We provide the elderly and aging driving lessons and evaluations to understand their changing driving behaviors. 
  • We offer Medical Driving Evaluations with a Certified Driving Rehab Specialist
  • We offer Driving Lessons with a Certified Driving Rehab Specialist or a Licensed Driving Instructor.

We are proud to serve clients in Connecticut, Massachussetts and Rhode Island with our driving rehab services and our adaptive driving program. 

Covid-19 Health & Safety Requirements

We are open during Covid-19 and offering Clinical and Driving Services with a strict health and safety protocol. We appreciate all of our clients adhering to these strict but necessary guidelines. 

For New Drivers

If you have never driven before and you question your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, we can help in every step of the driving process. We offer an adaptive driving program as well as driver rehab services for all new drivers, regardless of ability.

For Experienced Drivers

Our evaluations for experienced drivers can help a person after a specific medical event or can assist a person with driving challenges brought on by aging or degenerative conditions. We are also an Adaptive Driving School that can train an experienced driver to use adaptive equipment.

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