The Next Street is now offering Driver Rehab Services

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Return to the Driver's Seat Following a Medical Change

The Next Street is excited to offer rehabilitation services and lessons to drivers in need. Our team of therapists and service professionals are on board and putting the finishing touches on our offering. Though this program is new to The Next Street, our team is experienced, professional and outstanding. We look forward to applying our culture of outstanding service that Connecticut has come to expect from The Next Street’s new driver training to this offering.

Who Would Benefit?


Those who have experienced a medical condition affecting their ability to physically control a steering wheel and pedal.


A person experiencing decreased muscle strength from muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis,  cerebral palsy.


Someone who has had changes in their ability to process complex information following a head injury, cardiac surgery, medical issues or limited strength following recovery.


An individual who is experiencing memory issues and/or difficulties with attending to the environment and directions.