Medical Driving Evaluations for Elderly Drivers and Those With Medical Challenges

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Return to the Driver's Seat Following a Medical Change

The Next Street is excited to offer rehabilitation services and lessons to drivers in need. We help people with medical changes evaluate their ability to drive, people that need adaptive driving equipment learn what they need and how to use it, and elderly drivers evaluate and assess their changing driving abilities. We pride ourselves on our personalized approach to driver rehabilitation and will work with any person's unique needs to assure each can safely drive. 

Who Would Benefit?


Those who have experienced a medical condition affecting their ability to physically control a steering wheel and pedal.


An elderly person whose physical, cognitive or visual health is affecting their ability to drive safely. 


Aspiring new drivers that may have restrictions in their ability to learn to drive or need adaptive equipment to drive.


Any individual in need of adaptive equipment such as hand controls or left foot accelerators in order to drive.